Nutrition Outreach and Education Grant

If you are providing nutrition education, a food and nutrition event or promoting the value of RDNs or NDTRs to a faith-based community, then consider applying for one of RMIGs three Nutrition Outreach and Education Grants. Each of the grants is valued at $75 and these grants can be used within one year of receipt. The criteria for these grants include:

  1. Open to those providing nutrition education classes, workshops, events, or other food and nutrition related activities to faith-based communities of any age.

  2. Each grantee must be a current, active Academy and RMIG member, an NDTR, RD or RDToBe.

  3. Provide a brief written summary report of the event about the presentation within 14 days after the event.

  4. Provide a few photos from the event for inclusion in our newsletter, website, and social media platforms. The photographer needs to complete a Photo Submission form.  If the photo includes identifiable humans, the individuals in the photos must provide their consent for their photo to be used. The Photo Consent Form should be completed, as needed, during the event.

  5. All information, including a W9, must be received no later than 14 days after the presentation. Email information to

To apply for a RMIG Nutrition Outreach and Education Grant: Submit

2019 Winners

Shahwar Latif, MS, RD, LD, CSO

This NNM event was advertised for several weeks over the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. My presentation took place at the ICJC Learning Center on April 13, 2019. The venue was set up for a nutrition talk on Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention. There were posters displayed on multiple walls within the room and they provided detailed information related to my talk which included information on plant-based foods, portion control, meat as well as sugar and fat. There were 24 people in attendance and the presentation was about 30 minutes. It was followed by a meaningful and interesting session of questions and discussion for another 30 minutes. The event concluded with healthful refreshments, including Chana chat (made with garbanzo beans), hummus with colorful vegetables, fruit and nuts along with hot tea. Audience members were appreciative of the information provided to them during this event.

Shahwar Latif works with the Kansas City VA Medical Center and specializes in Oncology Nutrition.


Event attendee reviewing the educational posters


Shahwar Latif presenting to audience members

Greg Carr, RDN