Jewish Sub-Group

Food, Nutrition, Health and the Jewish Faith

Fact Sheet

Who We Are

The Jewish subgroup serves to provide credible resources regarding cultural competencies concerning kosher in observance of kashrut (dietary law) meal service customs. We are an established network for members to share experiences and solutions in compliance with kosher customs in facilities where foodservice must provide competent service.

Our goal as a community is to provide education, awareness, and sharing of the Jewish culture dietary customs and Kosher diet specifications. We offer resources and expertise to help those Registered Dietitians working within the Jewish community or with kosher patients adequately navigate the dietary restrictions and customs of this population.

Members of our subgroup may post questions or ideas to our discussion board, offer insight, reach out to other Jewish Academy members, and take advantage of other benefits specified within this website.

Four Areas of Focus

  • Provide a platform for other dietitians to discuss their knowledge, questions, or challenges working as nutrition professionals within the Jewish community
  • Serve as a credible resource group regarding kosher diet competency and regulations
  • Build a network of sharing including information, articles, recipes, research, and other ideas concerning the kosher diet
  • Teach others how to successfully navigate kosher diet planning taking into account patient restrictions, guidelines, and needs

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