About Us

The Religion Member Interest Group (RMIG) offers a community for Academy members from various practice areas with an interest in cross-cultural awareness and reducing health disparities, specifically as they relate to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian populations.

The group's activities and projects revolve around professional development, networking, community education, and increasing both diversity and cultural competence within the dietetics profession. RMIG membership supports professionally diverse Academy members who work with religious communities or patients professionally, who are personally faith based, or who otherwise have an interest in increasing cultural competency skills.

Membership Benefits

  • A voice that advocates for religion and cultural topics, serving as a direct resource to the Academy Diversity Committee and internal teams.
  • Opportunity to connect with Jewish, Muslim and Christian peers as a sub-community on niche topics.
  • A RMIG website to help foster community and connect you with resources.
  • A connected, collaborative community with opportunities for FNCE® networking events, year-round communication and a member directory.
  • Access to educational and professional development through CPEU webinar trainings, educational toolkits and scholarships for lifelong learning on topics such as health disparities, religious traditions, dietary guidelines, cultural competencies, similarities and variances in observation, diets and meals, etc.
  • Opportunities for leadership development within the RMIG Executive Committee, through leadership development programs and scholarships.
  • Ongoing cultural enrichment both personally and professionally.
  • Cross-cultural advocacy within the Jewish, Muslim and Christian dietetics communities.
  • RMIG Publications to advance cultural and professional education.

RMIG Objectives

  1. Offer members a connected community of togetherness and networking.

  2. Increase competence of members through leadership, education and professional development.

  3. Develop training and education, serving as a resource for members of the public, other dietitians and healthcare professionals, organizations and their entities.

  4. Advocate and showcase knowledge and diversity of RMIG throughout the Academy.

  5. Identify potential sponsors that align with RMIG.


If you have questions about the benefits of RMIG or are interested in getting involved, direct your questions to RMIG@eatright.org.



You must be an Academy member to join RMIG. Annual dues are $10 for Academy members for the June 1 to May 31 Academy year. A special student rate of $5 is available for Academy student members. Dues cannot be prorated, refunded or transferred. Contact the Academy's membership team at membership@eatright.org or 800/877-1600, ext. 5000. You can also join through your MyAcademy profile.